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Bacula update slots

The permitted forms of purge threads vs slots are: purge files purge jobs client client-name (of all jobs) purge volumevolume vol-name (of all jobs) For the purge command to work on Volume Catalog database records the VolStatus must be Append, Full, Used, or Error.
The only remaining area of problems will be if your autoloader needs some time to get the tape loaded after issuing the command.Use database-name var This command takes a string or"d string and does variable expansion on it the same way variable expansion is done on the LabelFormat string.Bin/bconsole -c bin/nf END_OF_data @output /dev/null messages @output /tmp/log1.out label volumeTestVolume001 run jobClient1 yes wait messages now do a restore @output /tmp/log2.out restore current all yes wait messages @output quit END_OF_data The output from the backup is directed to /tmp/log1.out and the output from the.Where Used in the restore command.Once the volume is physically relabeled, the old data previously written on the Volume is lost and cannot be recovered.If your job seems to be blocked, you can get a general idea of the problem by doing a status dir, but you can most often get a much more specific indication of the problem by doing a status storagexxx.Before Used in the restore command.Each time you issue a reload command while jobs are running, the prior config values will queued until all jobs that were running before issuing the reload terminate, at which time the old config values will be released from memory.Alternatively, you may choose to add a number of Volumes to the pool without labeling them.
If that works, then you should move the sleep into the actual mtx-changer script so that it will be effective when Bacula runs.
Done Used in the restore command.
However, this takes some knowledge of programming SQL.
The scan keyword tells Bacula to physically mount each tape and to read its VolumeName.
If you want the Pool record ruby slots casino instant play to appear in the database immediately, simply use this command to force it to be created.Yes Used in the restore command.You can simulate barcodes in your autochanger by making the mtx-changer script return the same information that an autochanger with barcodes would.Please see the query command below best in slot bot for additional information.It is typically useful if you want to list all jobs of a particular name.If you wish to avoid getting these messages, please write an EOF mark on your tape before attempting to label it: mt rewind mt weof The label command can fail for a number of reasons: The Volume name you specify is already in the Volume.In general if you do not specify all the command line arguments, the command will prompt you for what is needed.4-7 will update Slots 4,5,6, and 7).The add command affects only the Catalog and not the physical media (data on Volumes).The forms of the command are the same as the mount command: unmount storage storage-name drive num unmount jobid id job job-name Once you unmount a storage device, Bacula will no longer be able to use it until you issue a mount command for that.Thus, for the most part, you can test your LabelFormat strings.

In addition, this command may have certain side effect because it runs through the same algorithm as a job, which means it may automatically purge or recycle a Volume.
JobId 5349 has a lower priority than all the other jobs so it is waiting for higher priority jobs to finish, and finally, JobId 2508 (MatouVerify) is waiting because only one job can run at a time, hence it is simply "waiting execution" If you.
The preferable method to relabel a Volume is to first purge the volume, either automatically, or explicitly with the purge command, then use the relabel command described below.