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Bonus first resources

Resource Management policy (unlocked by, conservation ) only requires 1 copy.
P Construction Fast Food.5 15 - - Fine Jewelry.5.5.
Civilization VI, when a resource is worked (or there's production it provides bonuses to an empire.Requires Construction, Oil, and Rubber., automobiles, increases population happiness.The Terracotta Army Wonder allows Archaeologists to enter foreign lands without Open Borders).Building the appropriate improvement on a strategic resource gives access to 1 copy of that resource.Most are invisible until revealed by a particular technology.3 happiness if nation has Fine Jewelry, 3 citizen income if nation has Scholars, 3 citizen income if nation has Affluent Population.4 happiness if nation has Microchips, 4 infra upkeep if nation has Steel.For example, if one were to have fine jewelry and affluent population, they would look at the totals on the table for affluent population, and only add the.5 happiness granted by fine jewelry.
Requires Fine Jewelry, Fish, Furs, and Wine.
Radiation Cleanup - Improves nations environment.
Founding a city on a bonus resource does not grant any additional resource yield beyond the resource yield already shown on the tile.
Lunar Martian Resources Edit There are currently eight resources that can be mined from the Moon or Mars; four on the Moon and four on Mars.
Some bonus resources are more easily attainable than others (they require fewer resource links).Bonus resources may be harvested, which permanently removes the resource in return for 25 times their yield (on Normal speed).Fine Jewelry - Increases population happiness.There are currently 11 bonus resources in the game.3 happiness if nation has Automobiles, 5 infra upkeep if nation has Asphalt, 5 infra purchase cost if nation has Construction.Titanium - Mined from Lunar surface.Moon Edit Calcium - Mined from Lunar surface.