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Lego indiana jones 2 last crusade super bonus level

Once you've reached 1,000,000 studs, the level ends.
Grab it and climb up into the building to start the Super Bonus Level.Climb the rope to enter the Super Bonus Level.Collect 10 Artifacts by beating all the Treasure and Bonus Levels in this hub.So explore everywhere, smash every breakable object, and generally mess the place up!Dig up and smash the treasure chests in the big house's yard.
Lego bingolotto rätta lotten tv4 castle in the grassy area to the right of Castle Brunwald.
Use the bits to finish the lego castle.
The game keeps track of your best time.
This activates the moving platform near the tall, yellow house with the swimming pool.
Ride the platform up and turn the crank to drain the swimming pool so you can gather the studs at the bottom.
Some objects can only be smashed by vehicles.Once you know where all the studs are you can try to go faster the next time.The level itself looks like a humongous lego playset with houses, roads, trees, vehicles, etc.In the soccer field near the top left corner of the map, kick the ball into the goal 3 times to activate the moving platform in front of the house just above.Attacking with Indy's whip can help smash lots of small objects quickly.