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Witcher 3 armor set bonus not working

Even the male characters weren't safe from this.
Terra's is red and doesn't even have a cape.) In-game, the strongest suit of armor is the Minerva Bustier (which may be the reason that Relm, the Token Mini-Moe, couldn't wear it).
You can deck out your female Arisen and Pawns in hulking suits of non-revealing plate armor if you wish, but on a few articles of clothing, the Silver Chestplate, what is a breastplate on a man, literally becomes a Chainmail Bikini on a woman.The fact that she's the most modestly dressed playable female in the bunch, with armor sets and designs which are all for the most part actually appropriate for a knightly warrior waging war on evil bearing no skin at all through any of them (unless.The armor style forces bare feet on the models.The blue-skinned space babe bounty hunter on Megas XLR has armour that covers most of her body, except for the top of her breasts.The diagram is inside this bandit camp.By contrast, new character Hilde in Soul Calibur 4 wields two weapons and wears full plate armour, making her an oddity not only in SC4 but also fighting games in general the armour does not, however, appear to give any more protection from damage than.Also, there is one set of armor that is mostly believably protective save for the incredibly short skirt.Monster Hunter World a day before the weekly event reset.When a skimpy skirt and papier-mache armor outfit is found in a collection of stripper costumes.
Lampshaded when speedster Scrambler admits she tried a metal bikini once and got really bad chafing when she ran.
On the other hand, the Bone armor set is skimpy for both females and males.
A symbol of Venus shining from inside her abdomen produces a force field against which their arrows break* Woman : Hah!
Averted in Xenonauts, where female armour is indistinguishable from the male's sensible ones.
Usually explained as the point being that it doesn't protect well.
Blue fame) produced this parody of the trend, having two women in SoulCalibur cosplay gear duke it out and see how well their costumes held.
Not only is armour made as unisex and oh so Boring, but Practical ; any body part that is not covered doesn't receive any armour rating, so this suffers a nasty case of Reality Ensues when it comes to blocking hits.They all share the same fashion designer?It was actually slimmed down for the anime and still makes her looks like an imposing Black Knight, though it's at least a downplayed example with its overall curvy shape, boob plate, and Combat Stilettos.Angels could wear anything they want, or even nothing at all, and be just as protected.That'd just attract a kinkier group.Lampshaded beautifully with the Victim of Fashion Amulet which can be crafted with a Fragment of Inadequate Chain Mail, where upon wearing it, you gain 1 Cunning, but lose all of your Magic, Melee and Ranged Defenses.

Her armor covers most of her body, but it's shape is rather fitting.
By Way of Booty Bay does this a lot, particularly here.